Company Profile

We are a small, family owned, general contracting company, founded in 2008. Our initial focus was on industrial facility maintenance, but we have relevant experience in all major construction disciplines. We can successfully manage projects all across Texas, in our back yard, or beyond. We provide a wide variety of services ranging from single source, turnkey installations to larger projects requiring specialty subcontracting.

When schedules matter, we offer a competitive advantage customers can count on. We provide strong "backstage" support to our field operations and use computer software to manage, schedule, design and track projects. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty, nor to work long hours to push a project to completion.

In the field, we maintain skilled craftsmen and project managers so that all projects proceed swiftly to conclusion. We also employ highly qualified subcontractors, as needed, to aide in the successful completion of projects, particularly those requiring specialized licensing and/or training.

The real value that we provide to our customers, though, is peace of mind. Once employed, we are the owner's representative. We leverage our experience to work for our customer. We respect the customer's financial situation, and provide support physically, in terms of project facilitation, as well as emotionally, to minimize headaches inherently associated with construction projects. We want our customers to trust that we are looking out for their best interest and in turn, call upon us for the next project.